De-cluttering paper piles

de-cluttering paper piles.jpg

How many of you have piles of paper cluttering up your living spaces that just keep piling up? You need something you simply can’t find, and don’t have time in the moment, so more gets piled onto to that mixed up ever-growing pile of paper. Maybe life has been so busy that you have multiple piles of paper in different locations.

When you have time, make yourself a cup of tea and let’s get moving! We want to help you de-clutter with a few easy guidelines. If you need to do this in a few sessions, do that. Don’t put pressure on yourself to finish everything at once. It’s about taking one step at a time in the right direction and creating an easy flow of new organized habits.

First, move all your piles of paper to one area with a bit of space so you can easily organize them. To start, make two piles, one for shred/garbage and the other for papers you want to keep; for the papers you want to keep, make a folder for paid bills adding to it immediately after you pay your bills.


You should also keep a folder for receipts, as this will help you when you want to make a return on an item. How many times have you wanted to make a return spending precious time tracking down that receipt, and still at times been unable to find it?


Create another folder for warranties and manuals. This folder will hold everything inclusively from fridge warranties to electronic manuals.


Then make 12 other folders labeled for each month of the year. Begin to organize your papers by month. The idea is to manage the flow of paper as it comes into your space. In the beginning of each month, you can look into the current month’s folder for papers that require your immediate attention for that month. Once attended to, these papers are either shredded or reallocated into your paid bills folder.

Make sure to keep all in-coming paper in one place, preferably in a container of some kind, keeping your space contained, tidy and uncluttered. Make this the paper place! It will prevent wasting time locating a specific letter or paper when you desperately need it. It sounds simple and it really is, once put into practice.


Again do not get overwhelmed. Implement this practice in a few sessions if necessary, and remember, when a new paper comes in, put it in your paper place or immediately into your newly created folders. You’ll be so relieved and happy you simplified your life. Cheers to an uncluttered stress-free environment!