It’s List Time


We love lists as there is so much satisfaction in checking off those jobs once completed. The problem is in trying to remember all those things that require our attention and this creates stress. So many things are haphazardly floating around in our minds at any one time that it can be both bothersome and even downright confusing; writing them down in the form of a list, unclutters our minds, liberating us so that we actually have the energy to do what needs doing. For this reason, people who make and use lists are far more productive, as order always reduces stress.

For optimal organization we recommend making monthly, weekly and daily lists. You can create handwritten lists or type and print them. When planning your monthly schedule it helps to look at the big picture; tasks that require immediate attention and those that can wait a bit. In this way, you can break them down into daily tasks spread out over weeks.

Integrate your lists into a calendar-type plan including your appointments and after work obligations.

At Eco-Maid Services we love to help clients with their laundry, but if that is something that you would prefer doing yourself, add that to your list. For example, you could choose to do a white load on Monday, colors on Wednesday, and darks on Saturday; or you might prefer to do all the laundry on one day, maybe Saturday. Perhaps, you decide to make July into deep-cleaning the kitchen month. Spread out the plan; one day you empty and clean the drawers, another day you clean the inside of the fridge, and on yet another day you move the appliances cleaning underneath and all around them. Over a four week period, your deep-clean is completed and you have accomplished this in little over an hour on any one day. Think how great it will feel at the end of the month when all has been done and you can now check it off the list; it’s so satisfying! If you haven't tried using lists or you aren't using them regularly, we challenge you to try and let us know how it goes!