Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are your maids bonded?

A: Yes, all our maids are fully bonded. What this means is that they have no previous criminal record and you are protected from any loss. We are proud to say we only work with top quality cleaners and we use many resources to do very extensive background checks.

Q: Are your maids insured?

A: Yes, all the maids are fully insured. What this means is that you are protected for any proven damage caused by the cleaner in your home. Please note proof of purchase of item must be present and the insurance doesn’t cover any damage caused by the cleaning materials themselves.

Q: Do I need to be at home during the cleaning?

A: No. Although you are more than welcome to be at home during a cleaning, it is not required. Many of our regular customers leave us with an extra copy of their house key, which your cleaner keeps. If allowed by building management, you have the option of leaving a set of keys with your building concierge as well.

Q: Do I provide cleaning supplies or equipment?

A: All of the maids bring in only the basic liquid cleaning supplies. This means they bring in a all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, murphy oil and concentrated cleaner. Due to hygienic reasons we ask that you leave out rags/paper towels, a mop/bucket and a vacuum cleaner (if needed) for the maid.

Q: What if I want my own supplies used and what If I also have some specialty cleaners?

A: If you prefer to have your own supplies used, simply tell the maid at your home and they will be glad to use them. Any specialty supplies such as stainless steel, marble, granite or oven cleaner can be left out as well for them to use.

Q: How do I know how much time is required to clean my place?

A: Simply use our "BOOK ONLINE" online option and it will give you a price based on the options you select and the size of your condo.

Q: How do I pay for the cleaning services at my home?

A: All payments are automatically processed via credit card at the time of booking.